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PAEC 803

Response to Intervention


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Math interventions

Camelot Math

The Camelot Math intervention program is appropriate for students in grades K-8. Camelot Math materials and consultants are available through PAEC.  

Key Components:

  • Forty lessons in each of the five math themes which include: Number Friends, Number Sense, Computation, Fractions and Decimals, Geometry and Measurement
  • Each lesson takes approximately 30-40 min to complete
  • Before each lesson, a maximum of 15 min of prep time is required of the teacher to review the lesson and organize the necessary materials
  • The objective of the lesson is stated as a quest, which students answer at the end of the lesson
  • The quest should be displayed daily on the chalkboard
  • Key vocabulary terms for the lesson should also be posted as a visual reference for the students
  • The directions are clear and provide optional scripted lesson plans, and active questioning

More information can be found on the Camelot website.


Key Math III

The Key Math III is appropriate for the following age and skill levels:

  • Level I: K-2
  • Level II: Grades 3-5
  • Diagnostic assessment age norms from 2:6-21:11
  • Key Math-3 can be used with students whose math skills are within the K-5 grade levels

The Key Math III has reinforces the following areas:

Basic Concepts Operational Skills Applications/
Problem Solving
Numeration Mental Computation & 
Foundations of
Problem Solving
Algebra Addition & Subtraction Applied Problem Solving
Geometry Multiplication & Division  
Data Analysis & 


Key Components of the program:

  • Each lesson is 30-40 minutes long
  • Four large print instructional easels - two for each level
  • CD-ROMS containing guided and independent practice worksheets and tests to assess readiness and student learning
  • Class assignment and student progress report worksheets to help collect data and monitor progress


Intervention Resources:



Khan Academy

Khan Academy - Singapore Math

Program Monitoring Form (.doc)

  • Tracks attendance and fidelity.  Can be edited to fit intervention.

Progress Monitoring 

Measured Effects

Intervention Central - Math CBMs

Super Kids Math Worksheet Creator

Fraction Problem Generator

Math Drills free worksheets